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The Essentials of Business Finance

Do you find the world of finance a mysterious and vaguely frightening place, only to be ventured into just before tax-filing time?
Do you feel left out when your friends talk confidently in the "Language of Business"?

We present the crucial concepts of Finance in a business context, using a Case Study with realistic examples to walk you through the inner workings of a simple business setup.
Here are some of the concepts we cover in the course.


The Benefits of Understanding Finance, the Main Objectives of Finance, Types of Business and Business Entities.

Balance Sheet, Recording Transactions

Introducing the Balance Sheet and the Recording of Business Transactions.

Profit and Loss, Depreciation

The Profit & Loss Statement, Depreciation and the Impact of Expenditures on the Balance Sheet.

Cash Flow and Loss

The Business Cash Cycle, the Cash Flow Statement and Loss Situations.

Accounting Methods

Accounts Payable & Receivable, Cash & Accrual Accounting, the Time Value of Money and the Essentials of Cost Accounting.

Bank Reco, Audit, etc.

More concepts that are good to know: Bank Reconciliation, Financial Audits, and more.

The Essentials of Materials Management

Considering a career in Operations Management? Or just curious about what goes on in those huge warehouses where big trucks come and go at all hours?
Learn the fundamental concepts of Materials Management and Inventory Control. With concise explanations, realistic examples and walk-throughs.



of the world of Materials Management and Inventory Control.

Basic Concepts

Basic Concepts

of inventory management, financial implications and classification of costs.

Economic Order Quantity


The origin, derivation and application of the Economic Order Quantity model, with realistic example.

Material Requirements Planning


Why EOQ was replaced, the concepts, components and inputs to MRP, and a walkthrough example of creating an Material Requirements Plan.


Materials Classification

The objectives, basis and methods of materials classification, with a particular focus on ABC Analysis.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Objectives, function and optimal design principles, transaction management and record keeping, plus stock valuation, verification and adjustment.

The Soft Skills Foundation Course

Most businesses believe that their employees need better interpersonal skills, and cite a lack of Soft Skills as a key reason they couldn't hire enough employees. College principals want their graduating students to complement their academic knowledge with well-developed interpersonal and organizational abilities. We want to equip you with the communication and self-optimization tools you need to meet industry expectations.

The Power Of One

The Power of 'One'

is a motivational narrative that examines realization of one’s potential and the value of adversity in the pursuit of personal & professional growth.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

explores the complications and inner workings of the process of communication, then presents ways and means to optimize your interactions.

Productivity & Self-Discipline

Productivity & Self-Discipline

is a tutorial on time and task management. It looks at the causes and triggers of unproductive behavior and ways to overcome them.

Preparing for an Interview

Preparing for an Interview

walks you through the process of preparing for an interview or professional meeting, and how to learn from your experiences to improve future interactions.



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