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We've been working in the IT and Business Management domains for several decades now. Some of us are IIT & IIM alumni, and all of us have wide experience in reputed global organizations. We took our collective experience in technology and business and put it to use developing an e-Learning product to fill the gaps that we've seen in workplace and personal interactions.

Our Product

We consulted with other industry and management professionals, academicians, senior government officers and e-Learning experts to find out what they thought was missing (and sorely needed) in employees today. Our suite of e-Learning modules is intended to fulfil those needs.

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Most businesses believe that their employees need better interpersonal skills, and cite a lack of Soft Skills as a key reason they couldn't hire enough employees. College principals want their graduating students to complement their academic knowledge with well-developed interpersonal and organizational abilities. We want to equip you with the communication and self-optimization tools you need to meet industry expectations.

The Power Of One

The Power of 'One'

Is a motivational narrative that examines realization of one’s potential and value of adversity in the pursuit of personal & professional growth.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Explores the mechanics and intricacies of the process of communication, then presents techniques to improve its various aspects.

Productivity & Self-Discipline

Productivity & Self-Discipline

Is a tutorial on time and task management. It looks at causes and triggers of unproductive behavior and ways to overcome them.

Preparing for an Interview

Preparing for an Interview

is chronologically sequenced, and designed to equip new job entrants to the job marketplace with inputs to improve them to perform better in interviews and interactions.

Package 1: Rs. 2,499

The Soft Skills Foundation Course

(All 4 Modules)

Package 2: Rs. 1,999

Enhancing Personal Effectiveness

(3 Modules, excluding 'Preparing for an Interview')

Package 3: Rs. 899

Preparing for an Interview

(Single Module)



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